scanning equipment

Kaiser Copystand with LED Lighting

  • Purpose – Repro of materials under 20×24 inches such as stereographs, daguerreotypes, curved objects, etc. Allows for onsite digitization of fragile
    materials not durable for shipping or transport.
  • Components
    • 20×24 inch baseboard
    • LED lights
      • LED lights do not emit heat or UV.
      • LED daylight lighting unit with two light banks for even and soft illumination.
      • Each light equipped with 288 white high-CRILEDs.
      • Color temperature: 5600 K
      • Illuminance on subject surface: 4000 lux
    • Available Cameras
      • Canon 5D Mark ii
      • Canon 60D
      • Phase One IQ180


Epson Expression 10000XL/11000XL with transparency adapter

Purpose – Main workhorse scanner. We currently use seven Epson 10000XL scanners, each equipped with the transparency adapter. Scans reflective and transmission (negatives/transparencies) photographs/documents.

Specifications – Optical resolution: 2400×4800 dpi; Maximum enhanced resolution: 12,800 x 12,800 dpi. Capable of 48-bit color depth. Scanning area: 12”x17”.

Kodak iQSmart3

Purpose – High detail scanning of reflective and transmission photographs/documents.

Specifications – Optical resolution: 5,500 dpi; Maximum optical resolution: 5,500 x 10,000 dpi. Capable of 48-bit color depth. Scanning area: 18”x12”.

Fujitsu fi-6240 Document Scanner

Purpose – Scan photocopies using an ADF or scan documents on scan bed.

Specifications – Optical resolution: 600 dpi; ADF capacity: 50 sheets; ADF size: 8.5” x 14”; Scan bed size: 8.5” x 11.69”; Capable of 24-bit color depth.


Atiz Book Scanner Pro

Purpose – Primary book scanner. V-shape cradle and platen “gently engages the pages and causes natural flattening. Allows for curvature-free scanning without using software enhancement. Two cameras shoot the left and right sides of the book. A laser helps the cameras accurately auto-focus to the page.

Specifications – 2 Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR cameras with 50mm lenses; Scanning area: 16.5” x 24.2”; Shoots in JPEG or RAW; 700 pages an hour potential scanning speed. Software – BookDrive Capture and Editor Pro.


PhaseOne IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back with RT Cam

A 101 Megapixel (11608 pixels x 8708 pixels) digital back allows for large format imaging up to 60″x40″. Great maps, blueprints, scrapbooks, 3D objects, and more.