01 – Lab policies

Lab Policies

These policies were written to ensure the protection of the priceless materials we work with. If you have any questions or need clarification, contact your supervisor. Additional university library policies can be found in the student handbook given out to all new hires, contact your supervisor if you did not receive one.


  • Please notify your supervisor by email or telephone if you are unable to make your shift.
  • Only the lab supervisor or IT staff should install any software on the workstations.
  • You may use a personal laptop or tablet when on break.
  • Please remember to take short breaks during your shift to maintain mental focus and clarity. It is always a good idea to look away from your computer screen for 30 seconds every half hour to give your eyes some rest.
  • We do share the building with other library staff, so please use inside voices.

While at Work

  • Always wash your hands before handling materials, always.
  • Make sure to clock in, Kronos is your responsibility. You can access Kronos here or the machine outside of the break room. If you miss a clock in or out, just let your supervisor know and they’ll work it out with you.
  • Sign into chat and let your supervisor know you’ve arrived at work and when you are taking your break.
  • After cleaning the scanner glass, be sure to return the glass cleaner and wipes. Remember to dispose of your wipes so as not to contaminate any materials.
  • Feel free to listen to music using headphones, but be mindful of the volume so the lab supervisor doesn’t have to shout or wave for you to hear them.
  • Handle all materials appropriately and if you are unsure how to handle something, please ask the lab supervisor for assistance.
  • If you have completed a task and are waiting for a new one, let your supervisor know by person or email.
  • It is imperative that food and drink is not consumed at a workstation. Contamination of materials is a risk best avoided by eating in the break room. Water is permitted at a workstation, but it must be placed on the floor in a closed container. It is good practice to drink water away from the workstation.
  • Areas should always be kept clean and neat.
  • Please be mindful of the arrangement of materials as they need to be kept in original order and not in danger of falling off a desk or scanner.
  • Personal belongings should always be on the floor or in the bottom file cabinet drawer. No bags, coats, or large amount of books should be on the desk. Any books being used for homework or reading should be on a separate surface from the materials.
  • This is a pencil-only environment. The use of pens is prohibited.

Leaving Work

  • Please clean up your work area.
  • • At the end of a shift the staple removers and anti-static brushes should be placed back in the closet, and dirty cotton gloves need to go in the bag labeled “dirty”. Film holders should be placed in the top filing cabinet drawer of a workstation. Note: Each workstation has its own staple removers and anti-static brushes in the desk drawer. Clean cotton gloves are kept in the bag labeled “clean”. Dirty gloves go in the laundry basket.
  • Make sure to update your spreadsheet before leaving.
  • After completing your task, please turn off your scanner.
  • Make sure to clock out of Kronos and sign out of the workstation.