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Barracks No. 3 Clemson University Libraries Two images. On back of larger: [Barracks No. 3, 1916]. On smaller: In the "Views" "Our Home in youth" Entire Page 55. 78-0523 86-73
Barracks No. 3, Clemson College, South Carolina Clemson University Libraries Sepia postcard produced by The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y. On back: C.U. Buildings - Barracks  From RS Springer 83-50
Barracks No. 3 Clemson University Libraries On back: [Barracks #3]. Jacobs & Company Graphic Arts Division Clinton, SC. Job No.20435 Copy No.4 No. Copies Wanted:9. Date Wanted: 2-11-24. Size:4. Screen:120 2571-1190-7
Barracks No. 3 Clemson University Libraries On back: Third Barracks. Clemson College, SC. Clemson, South Carolina, is the home of the Clemson Tigers, and this beautiful building, set off by the four huge columns, is the home of many Clemson's all ROTC students. While this would be called a dormitory at most institutions, the ROTC institutions, leads students to call all living quarters barracks. This modernly appointed four-poster is Third Barracks. Stamped: . Stamp covered by text: Clemson News Bureau.
Corner of Barracks No. 2 and No. 3 Clemson University Libraries Candid shot of man walking past Barracks No. 2, No. 3, with Main and Textile towers in the background. On back: Corner of 3rd and Corner of 2nd Barracks. Arch Library