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Sculpted head of a woman Clemson University Libraries
Sculptural feature Clemson University Libraries
Girl posing with clay bust of herself Clemson University Libraries
Sculpted head of young girl with mouth open Clemson University Libraries
Reference photograph of Charles E. Daniel seated at desk, circa 1960 Clemson University Libraries Framed photographs on desk.
Plaster bust of a woman Clemson University Libraries Image is on a post card. On back - Post Card, Correspondence, Address, Place Stamp Here
Bas-relief plaque of Robert Wood Johnson, circa 1978 Clemson University Libraries Plaque created for Class of 1979 gift to Robert Wood Johnson High School in Gainesville, Georgia.
Bust of Frank Howard with reference photographs on wooden platform, circa 1967 Clemson University Libraries A bronze version of this bust was installed in Memorial Stadium at Clemson University in 1969.
Man in striped jacket standing behind "Brotherhood of the Tiger" statue on Clemson University campus Clemson University Libraries On statue base - A. Wolfe Davidson Sculptor
Painting of "Unknown Jewish Martyr," 1971 Clemson University Libraries Memorial of the Unknown Jewish Martyr, a public memorial and tomb in Paris, France, where ashes taken from concentration camps and the Warsaw Ghetto were deposited. Later part of the Shoah Memorial Holocaust museum.
Painting of Roman landmarks, circa 1965 Clemson University Libraries Landmarks in Rome, Italy depicted include the exterior of the Coliseum and the Pantheon, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and a relief on the Arch of Titus showing a triumphal procession bearing the Menorah taken by Roman forces from the Temple of Jerusalem during its sacking in AD 70.
Bust of Robert G. Wilson, circa 1965 Clemson University Libraries Wilson was founder of the Barbecue King restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina and inventor of the world's first commercial rotisserie oven. Bust of John F. Kennedy seen in background. Bust of John F. Kennedy in background. On back - Mr. Wilson; Greenville, S.C.
Man in raised welder's helmet working on aluminum "Brotherhood of the Tiger" statue, 1968 December Clemson University Libraries A. Wolfe Davidson's "Brotherhood of the Tiger" aluminum statue was commissioned by Tiger Brotherhood and installed in front of Clemson University's Littlejohn Coliseum in 1969.
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