digitization projects

Open Parks Network grant through IMLS, the National Park Service, and Clemson University

TOTAL: 340,588 images
In house: 199,315 images
Outsource: 141,273 images

  • Photographs (including slides): 92,063
  • Negatives: 39,135
  • Aerials: 5,517
  • Glass negatives/slides: 524
  • Documents (bound/unbound/handwritten): 43,321
  • Stereotypes/scopes: 6,972
  • Hebarium specimens: 1,010
  • Oversize and maps: 10,773
  • Donor cards: 141,273

Parks: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHP; Andersonville NHS; Blue Ridge Parkway; Carl Sandburg NHS; Castilla de San Marcos NM; Congaree National Park; Cowpens NMP; Cumberland Gap NHP; Florida State Archives; Fort Pulaski NM; Fort Sumter NM; Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Harpers Ferry NHP; Jimmy Carter NHS; Kings Mountain NMP; Mammoth Cave National Park; Natural Resources Division NPS; NPS-TIC; North Carolina State Parks; Outer Banks Group; Saguaro National Park; South Carolina State Parks; South East Regional Office NPS; Timucuan National Preserve; Vicksburg NMP; and Yellowstone National Park.

SCDL Collections can be found at SCMemory.org

The Citadel, Daniel Library

-“Sphinx” yearbook scanned with a Betterlight Super8k used with book cradle (344 images).

Coastal Carolina University

-“The Independent Republic Quarterly” journals. Scanned with Epson 10000XL (5556 images). Coastal News article on the project.

Columbia College

-Early historical documents from Columbia College including diplomas, class rings, sorority pins, and student records. Scanned with an Epson 10000XL, Atiz Bookscanner Pro, and PhaseOne IQ180 (2346 images).

Furman University

-“Materials Towards a History of the Baptists in the Provinces of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia” by Morgan Edwards, 1722. Scanned with a Betterlight Super8k (244 images).

Greenville County Library Systems

-McBee & Sons Store Ledger (1846-1858) originally scanned with a Betterlight Super8k and rescanned using an Atiz Bookscanner Pro (502 images).

-Maps scanned with a PhaseOne IQ180 digital back.

Historic Mobile Preservation Society of Alabama

-Newspapers and scrapbooks scanned with an Epson 10000XL, PhaseOne IQ180, and Atiz Bookscanner Pro (2627 images).

Pendleton District/Historic Commission

-Davenport nitrate negative collection. Scanned with an Epson V750 Pro (573 images).

-Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church records consisted of photographs, manuscripts, journals, and letters scanned with an Atiz Bookscanner Pro and an Epson 10000XL (1718 images).

Presbyterian College

-William Plumer Jacobs collection consisting of photographs, manuscripts, journals, and books. Scanned with an Epson 10000XL, Betterlight Super8k, and Epson V750 Pro (306 images).


-“A Nickel and a Prayer” by Edna Jane Hunter. Scanned with a Betterlight Super8k (229 images).

Upcountry History Museum

-Wilson Photographic Collection, 1941-1986. Collection consisted of mostly negatives scanned with an Epson 10000XL, Epson V750 Pro, and a Kodak iQSmart3 (14,413 images).